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Transformative Embodiment of Grief with Peace of Mind Coach AmarAtma Khalsa

April 28, 2021 Episode 42
Empowered Curiosity Podcast
Transformative Embodiment of Grief with Peace of Mind Coach AmarAtma Khalsa
Show Notes

Amar Atma is a Board-Certified Chaplain who has specialized training to create peace and joy amidst the most challenging situations.

 Amar Atma is also a grief coach helping those who seek relief and peace. Because of his background in the hospital setting, he has a special connection to working with nurses and physicians, leading mind-body resilience presentations and events using his training in TCM & life coaching to create peace of mind amidst the challenges they faced together.

Chaplains are trained in the art of presence and the power of transformation that can come from deep listening and spiritual reflection, but I truly believe that he was born with these gifts.  Amar Atma shifted my own trajectory back in our grad school days  and I am so thrilled to share this conversation with you. 

This conversation is important for people who play a supportive role to other humans and for anyone who has experienced a loss and is feeling an incomplete loop in the cycle. 

What You'll Learn in this Episode: 

  • The importance of advocacy and safety in trauma-informed containers of care
  • The necessary work of co-regulation for hospital staff and other humans who work in service of others 
  • What trauma is and why we need to integrate experiences from the Body level
  • Grief as a process of honour and love and how it can mutate if left unattended
  • The distortion of  “good vibes only”


Your Speakers:

Kat Lee  is an Intimacy + Relationship Coach, host of The Empowered Curiosity Podcast and Creator of The Heart Lab. She guides pattern-breakers to alchemize their emotions and embody their healing journey to cultivate intimacy as a spiritual practice. 

AmarAtma is a Board Certified Chaplain through the Spiritual Care Association (2018), with 4 units of Clinical Pastoral Education (2015), Ordination with Sikh Dharma International (2012), and a Master's Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (2011). AmarAtma has extensive training in end of life care with speciality certifications in Advanced Palliative Care Chaplaincy, Crisis and Prevention Intervention, Critical Incident Stress Management, and Communication and Optimal Resolution.

This podcast is made possible with sound production by Andre Lagace.