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Empowered Curiosity Podcast

Kat Lee

The Empowered Curiosity Podcast is a space to explore the ideas, stories + experiences that dig deep into connecting with your True Self. Together, we’ll discuss using emotional alchemy + embodiment medicine to cultivate a conscious relationship with yourself and others. Your host Kat Lee and her guests are committed to sharing tools, techniques and wisdom about coming back Home to the most aligned version of yourself.>>>> <<<< Come as you are.Share in conversation.Leave a little curioser and curioser.
BUSINESS ALCHEMY: Why Entrepreneurship is a Spiritual Practice with Christina CecconiDecember 09, 2021 Episode artwork RESILIENCE: Why Integration of Trauma Stories is Necessary to Healing with Trauma-Warrior, Writer and Speaker Teri WellbrockDecember 02, 2021 Episode artwork BURNOUT: Why overgiving and overperforming is a cultural phenomenon with Holistic Psycho-Therapist, Coach and Integrative Health Provider Julianne ChapmanNovember 11, 2021 Episode artwork OPEN RELATIONSHIPS: Is jealousy an opportunity to improve communication? with Non-Monogamy Mentors Megan McNamara and Paul Angelo November 03, 2021 Episode artwork EMOTIONAL ALCHEMY: How to Integrate Emotional Pain with Grief Coach AmarAtma KhalsaOctober 27, 2021 Episode artwork ANCESTRAL WORK: Initiation of the Matriarch Archetype with Soul Guide Kerri HummingbirdOctober 20, 2021 Episode artwork BODY SOVEREIGNTY: Untangle the Trauma of Disconnection to Reclaim Resilience and Autonomy with Trauma Educator & Podcast Host Lindsey LockettOctober 07, 2021 Episode artwork BODY IMAGE: Reclaim Power by Questioning Harmful Diet Culture Narratives with Anti-Diet & Body Image Coach Katie PijanowskiSeptember 29, 2021 Episode artwork CONSCIOUS RELATIONSHIPS: Trust and Accountability to Build Security with Anti-diet & Body Image Coach Katie PijanowskiSeptember 21, 2021 Episode artwork MINDFUL COMMUNICATION: Why it's so damn hard, how to stay anchored and how to repair ruptures with 5 Elements Acupuncturist Chris MillerSeptember 15, 2021 Episode artwork TRAUMA WORK: Is Community the Missing Piece? with Heart Lab Graduates Lauren Sessa + Jackie ChuangSeptember 07, 2021 Episode artwork FIVE ELEMENTS: Nourishing the Soul in the Earth Element and Late Summer with Christina CecconiSeptember 02, 2021 Episode artwork ROOTED CONVERSATIONS: Is it possible to bridge ideological chasms about the Thing-That-Must-Not-Be-Named? with Somatic & Subconscious Healer Jess Benstock August 30, 2021 Episode artwork ENTREPRENEURSHIP: How can you create a purpose-driven career as a helping professional? With Coach + Hypnotherapist Andrew KippenAugust 25, 2021 Episode artwork EMBODIMENT MEDICINE: How can we feel empowered to choose or not choose birth control? with Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Women’s Health Coach Rachel RootAugust 19, 2021 Episode artwork PARENTING and REPARENTING: How can we normalize struggle and create security around challenges? With Parent Coaches + Speakers Hannah Olavaria and Kelty Green of UpbringingAugust 12, 2021 Episode artwork CONNECTION: Is it true that we have to love ourselves before we can be in a healthy relationship? with Author, Poet, Yogi and Love Coach Zach BeachJuly 28, 2021 Episode artwork Let’s Explore Rooted Intuition with Mind, Health + Body Liberation Coach Kendra AdachiJuly 14, 2021 Episode artwork Let’s Approach Life as a Living Ceremony with Intuitive Guide Mara BranscombeJuly 07, 2021 Episode artwork Untangle People-Pleasing Patterns with Empowerment Coach Courtney KoesterJune 30, 2021 Episode artwork How to Create Safety by Listening to Your Nervous System with Brian Donahoe June 23, 2021 Episode artwork Remembering the Spark with the Fire Element and Summer Season with Christina CecconiJune 16, 2021 Episode artwork Trailer: Self Abandonment in Relationships on The Learn to Love Podcast June 10, 2021 Episode artwork Reclaim Power by Taking Responsibility with Author + Personal Transformation Coach Christian de la HuertaJune 09, 2021 Episode artwork Uncaging the Good Girl with Certified Master Level Coach Holly TorontoMay 26, 2021 Episode artwork